Top 5 Reason to study with us

The UGHS attracts some of the best students of the city. With this privilege comes a responsibilty to provide the highest quality learning and teaching.

Excellence in teaching and learning

We strive constantly for excellence in intellectual enquiry, academic freedom and integrity, and ethical pratice in academic endeavours. At the heart of this is an exciting and stimulating student-centred learing and teaching enviroment.

A rich and vibrant student life

For real experince and learning , there is need ofsomething extra than book,we arrange educational trips, infrmational seminars by professionals and much more throughout the year. With clubs and socities, cafe, sports and student association.JSLO, you will be a part of UGHS's most vibrant and activr student community.

Our Campus

The Ughs Science School is well-eqipped with all modren facilities including air conditioned classrooms, science laboratory, computer lab with audio visual aid,library, seminar hall, cafeteria, resource center, standby generator. Till end of 2010, architecture extension project will be completed to renew, rebuild and enhance our campus.

Education for all

The Ughs Science School is motivated to impart education to all talented students. College does not let poor and needy talented students to leave education because of they don not finacial resources to pursue education further.It has allocted scholorships and financial assistance.

Friendly and supportive enviroment

It is very to common to seen that a student try to express his/her views and feeling in classroom, mostly his/her fellows discourage him/her. But at Umer Grammar High School, we provide friendly and supportive enviroment to groom his personality and promote his talent.